GDPR Gap Analysis

The GDPR has brought about the most important changes to Data Protection legislation for twenty years.  With our GDPR Gap Analysis we can ensure you are compliant. We will attend your premises and conduct a review of your Information Governance, which will allow us to get to know your organisation and your requirements.  Our Gap Analysis will assess the extent to which your organisation processes data in accordance with the current Data Protection Act and the GDPR.  We will then work with you to agree a delivery plan that identifies and prioritises key areas your organisation will need to address to achieve compliance.

Policies and Procedures

Documentation is an integral part of your GDPR compliance and it shows how your organisation will deal with personal data.  The GDPR provisions promote accountability and governance which compliment the GDPR’S transparency requirements.  Compiling policies and procedures to demonstrate compliance with the GDPR can be time-consuming and challenging however, the accountability principle in Article 5(2) requires you to demonstrate that you comply with the principles and states explicitly that this is your responsibility. Infinite Law can help you by drafting and maintaining all the documentation your organisation will need to ensure you meet the requirements of the GDPR. The fundamental aim of the GDPR is for organisations to embed the requirements into their everyday working practices. To achieve this, alongside you, each individual within your organisation is responsible and collectively you need to know and understand your responsibilities. It is usually human error that leads to people’s personal and sensitive data being disclosed when it should not. Our GDPR awareness training will reduce the risk of those breaches. We offer a bespoke E-learning package for all levels of staff in addition to in-house training presentations and our Train the Trainer Scheme. Our training is tailored to each organisation’s framework and as experts and practitioners we are adept at dealing with any questions and queries that might arise during a training session. We focus on the practical application of GDPR.

Outsourced Data Protection Officer

GDPR compliance is a continuing process and the Data Protection Officer (DPO) is a key individual in facilitating your organisation’s compliance. Whether it is mandatory for your organisation to have a Data Protection Officer or whether you just want to follow best practice, our outsourced Data Protection Officer service provides a practical, cost-effective, conflict free, professional solution for organisations who do not want to make the commitment of employing a Data Protection Officer.  We are GDPR expert practitioners and we are available 24/7 to manage your GDPR obligations.

Information Management Bureau

The GDPR strengthens the rights individuals have regarding personal data relating to them and reinforces and creates obligations on organisations to deal with personal data in a different way. Infinite Law’s Information Management Bureau will manage your responsibilities and undertake Subject Access Requests, Freedom of Information Requests and Environmental Information Regulations Requests on your behalf. We have the ability to deliver all requirements of Information Governance and ensure compliance as an outsource provider, to act or collaborate with public sector and private clients or on an ad hoc basis to cover all absences such as annual leave, maternity/paternity or sick leave. We take the stress and worry out of the process leaving you to continue delivering your business while we do the work for you.

About Us

Infinite Law is a Boutique Law Firm.  We are a friendly, practical and resolution focused firm which offers bespoke GDPR, Employment/HR and Mediation Services.  We are perfectly suited to support small to medium enterprises.

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