The fundamental aim of the GDPR is for organisations to embed the requirements into their everyday working practices. To achieve this, alongside you, each individual within your organisation is responsible and collectively you need to know and understand your responsibilities.

If you task a person with the handling of personal data within your organisation in any capacity, then you need to ensure you equip them to be able to deal with the personal data properly. Each member of your organisation needs to be aware of the requirements of GDPR and how they affect their day to day practices.

We have a range of courses suitable for all levels of knowledge and experience and commensurate to differing roles and responsibilities within your organisation.

Our courses are designed to take you through the key changes brought about by GDPR and to provide you with practical guidance. We offer a bespoke E-Learning package in addition to our in-house training presentations and our Train the Trainer Scheme.

Our training is tailored to each organisation’s framework and as experts and practitioners in GDPR/Information Governance we are adept at dealing with any questions and queries that might arise during a training session. We focus on the practical application of GDPR.

Our training packages help you to help your people.

Areas we cover include:

  • What the GDPR is and why it is needed
  • Key changes to the Data Protection legislation
  • Fair, lawful and transparent processing
  • Data quality, accuracy and retention periods
  • Individual’s rights
  • Breaches and enforcement
  • Data security
  • International transfers

What you will learn:

  • The data protection principles and how they relate to the workplace
  • How data protection affects your work and your business
  • How to deal with a breach and mitigate any consequences

What you will be able to understand:

  • Why the new data protection legislation is being introduced
  • The key differences between the current data protection regime and the new one
  • The primary aims of the new data protection legislation
  • Who the legislation applies to
  • What rights people have over the processing of their data
  • What information needs to be provided to a data subject
  • How to respond to subject access requests and other requests from individuals

Who are these courses for?

  • Managers who may come into contact with personal data
  • Employees who deal with personal data

We offer all of our services across the whole of the UK

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